Our Facilities

Specializing in the service, refit and repair of superyachts, Savannah Yacht Center offers an excellent alternative to facilities in Florida and the Bahamas. Designed with big yachts in mind, Savannah Yacht Center provides the power and space required for some of the world’s largest and most iconic superyachts.

Savannah Yacht Center is an active Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ), a special designation that can reduce or eliminate U.S. Customs duties related to work performed on site. Additionally, vessels for sale are exempt from all duty costs while berthed at our facility.

The Savannah shipyard is equipped with a 3,240-ton (gross) shiplift platform capable of hauling vessels up to 80m on the hard, and our graving dock can handle yachts over 100m. For in-water service and paint refinishing, Savannah Yacht Center is equipped with 366m of floating docks, suitable for yachts up to 122m in length. These provide good access for fueling, crane operations and are outfitted with multiple shore power connections up to 500 amps.

Graving Dock

  • U.S. Navy Certified
  • 15,000 Long Tons
  • 140m (460ft) LOA
  • 21m (70ft) Beam
  • 7.32m (24ft) Draft

Floating Dock

Savannah Yacht Center is equipped with 366m of floating docks for in water service and paint refinishing. They provide good access for fueling, crane operations and are outfitted with multiple shore power connections up to 500 amps.

Shiplift Rail Transfer

  • 3,240 Gross Tons
  • Vessels to 80m (262ft) LOA
  • 17.4m (57ft) Platform Beam
  • 6.1m (20ft) Max draft

Tender Storage

The Savannah Yacht Center has a variety of tender storage options available for your yacht. Advanced reservations are recommended and available depending on your needs for servicing your tender(s). The various storage options include:

  • Tender Workspace – Outside, Uncovered location.
  • Jet Ski Workspace – Outside, Uncovered location.
  • Tender Workspace – 20 ft. x 40 ft. Covered location.
  • Covered Work Area – 20 ft. x 40 ft. Covered location with 40 ft. Container.
  • Open weather location as space is available.

TEU containers are available to rent as a work or storage space as well. If all of the reserved tender storage spots are being used at the time of your arrival and advanced reservations have not been made, we have the ability to block your tender with the option to build a scaffolding tent around it if desired. Additional options are available to rent additional TEU Containers for work and stowage that can be staged throughout the shipyard.

The tender storage location at SYC is on the east side of the shipyard, past the pipe shop and parking lot. The tender storage area is in a secure location away from the yacht maintenance location to provide crew members with the ability to work on the tenders as required away from the major work being done on your yacht.

Please discuss with your SYC Project Manager to coordinate these needs and schedule haul out via crane for your tender(s).

SYC Ship Store

New to the Savannah Yacht Center for 2021 is our on-site SYC Ship Hardware Store.

SYC Ship Hardware Store currently has over 300 items and its growing rapidly. The shipyard uses several local suppliers to check inventory of the most used items in the shipyard to ensure that the facility hardware store has it available on demand. Some of the most common items that are checked out from the ship store are:

  • PPE items including masks, gloves, cover suits, etc.
  • A variety of tapes for most of your needs.
  • Protection such as blue diamond, coroplast and visqueen plastic.
  • Plenty of lubricants, cleaners, degreasers, and many other liquids.
  • An entire shelf of cutoff wheels, grinding disc and flap wheels.
  • Other specialty marine hardware and equipment as needed.

If the hardware store does not have an item you need, or you need items/material to be in stock for your maintenance period, we can certainly order it for you. Over the years we have built strong relationships with local businesses to get you exactly what you need in a timely fashion.

The SYC Ship Hardware Store location is in the shipping & receiving department where trucks like UPS, FedEx and Amazon drop off parcels daily. When packages are received, they are secured in the shipping and receiving warehouse until a registered crew member comes for pick up. If your vessel and/or crew members need to send something out, we can coordinate that for you personally or for your vessel. This includes special deliveries for larger items to be shipped out or that are being shipped to SYC. We can assist with customs clearance and tracking of packages to ensure it makes it to the proper location.

The Savannah Yacht Center is here to serve you with your ship hardware needs!